Cryptoconnect payments are very simple and secured. Use your mobile, tablet or pc, and in Cryptoconnect wallet enter recipient address, payment amount and click the send button. QR code features is also available, simply scan and hit the respective send or receive button.
There are multiple ways to make money with Cryptoconnect . But always keep in mind Cryptoconnect is a part of growing technology which is no exception to risk. The methods involved are competitive and user needs to be wary and careful at every step to pull out the top profit.
  • You can acquire Cryptoconnect coin by following methods:
  • Exchange Cryptoconnect coins with someone near you
  • As a payment for services and goods
  • Earn Cryptoconnect by competitive mining
  • Purchase Cryptoconnect at a coin exchange
No, there is no chance of missing a received Cryptoconnect coin as every confirmed transaction gets mentioned in a public ledger. The received coin will appear the very next time you start your wallet application.
You can download Cryptoconnect Wallet easily from Cryptoconnect Website “link” by clicking on the download and installing it on your device.
Bitcoin is the first and most commonly used cryptocurrency of its kind. Cryptoconnect is based on Bitcoin protocol, but it maintains its own currency token and blockchain. Cryptoconnect follows POW and POS.
No, Cryptoconnect has its own blockchain.
Blockchain is like a database where information is recorded in the form of blocks. It allows service provider and consumer to connect directly. Blockchain provides decentralized public ledger where confirm transaction gets recorded.
Yes, Cryptoconnect is Proof-of-work. Cryptoconnect works on both POW/POS.

Cryptoconnect is a decentralized cryptocurrency & payment network, ensuring financially secured future.


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